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Alessandro Puccio | ACIN Ambassador

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Alessandro Puccio

Name Alessandro Puccio
Country Italy
Business Area Business
Talent Segment Strategy
Industry Products
Education Master degree
Quote to feature about your experiences as an employee at Accenture It is not how good you are. It is how good you want to be.
What I do
I work at the forefront of innovation within Accenture, based at Milan Customer Innovation Center. The innovation team brings the cutting edge of the Consumer Goods industry to life for Accenture clients through thought leadership, interactive workshop experiences, innovation services, and collaboration with both internal and external innovators. 
I love meeting clients during our innovation workshops, engage them in fruitful conversations thanks to our disruptive facility and design a collaboration roadmap with them.
Day In My Life I get up in the morning around 6.30. I go running at the park and go to the office around 8.30. I am dedicated to analyze, study, and monitor the Consumer Goods industry – focusing my attention on key changes in consumer behavior. My objective is to envision new ways for brands to attract, engage and retain consumers. During the day, I read a lot of news and case studies. At night, I usually enjoy Milan bars and restaurants with friends and colleagues.
Outside the Office I spend most of my free time traveling around the world with family and friends. Travel is the only thing that makes me relaxing and live at my best.
My Advice Be curious, find your passion, and surround yourself with smart people.